Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Trump Said to be Contemplating New Name for the White House

President-elect Donald Trump and his closest advisors have been hard at work, winnowing down their lengthy list of potential new names for the US presidential residence, long known as the White House. Sources close to the businessman-turned-politician say that the Trump Organization, as the only global luxury real estate super-brand, must be very careful when branding their latest acquisition.

"The obvious name, Trump Palace, alas, is taken," said one insider, on condition of anonymity. He went on to list some of the finalists:

Trump House
Trump Potomac
Trump Manor
Trump Ch√Ęteau
Trump Villa

Mr. Trump was overheard saying "Villa - is that Mexican? It sounds Mexican. My friends the Mexicans would love that."

Perhaps surprisingly, "the White House" is still in the running. "It just makes sense," argued a long-time associate of Mr. Trump. "After all, who will be the beneficiaries of the Trump administration? What word better defines the next four years?"

After an awkward pause, the source said "White. The word white. That's what word. Defines the next four... I gotta go." He glanced at his bare wrist as if he were wearing a watch, and scuttled off like a crab.