Thursday, September 30, 2004

Site feed

I've added a site feed to Someday I'll probably get around to putting one of those annoying little orange "XML" buttons by the link.

I've been seeing those same buttons all over the web for a long while now, and until yesterday I had only a vague notion about what they're about. I finally decided to take a look. Five minutes later, I had the Sage feed reader extension for Firefox installed, and had build a feed for The tools out there for this kind of thing are really quite remarkable.

Starting to ask really hard questions

I was reading Thomas & Johanna the extremely condensed version of "The Lion King" from this* book. We came to the part where Mufasa was telling Simba about how the kings of old will always be with him in the stars.

"What about during the day, when Simba can't see the stars?" asked Thomas.

*By the way -- why is there a picture of Dumbo on cover of this book, when there's no Dumbo story inside? I suspect it was cut by an editor after the artwork was complete. Too bad, too -- Dumbo is one of my favorites.