Monday, September 26, 2005

Road race: 2005 Jack 15

On Saturday, for the sixth year in a row, I ran the Jack 15 road race on a relay team. The conditions were almost perfect -- cool temps and low wind. It had rained earlier in the day, but the rain stopped shortly before the start.

Our team managed to win our division (co-ed 5x3 relay), which we hadn't done before, except for the crazy 15x1 in 2002. That year we had only one team to beat, and they were walkers. We also had our best time this year (again, except for 2002).

Thursday, September 15, 2005


I couldn't get this photo to upload for last night's post. Looks like the problem is fixed.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


We spent a few hours this evening on the periphery of the entertainment business. The TV show Three Wishes came to town. I don't really know much about it other than it's some kind of "reality show" (we called them "game shows" when I was a youth). Apparently they go from town to town granting three wishes to the locals. It's hosted by pop singer Amy Grant.

There was to be a concert by Grant, but the children & I left before the music started. Besides the concert, there was a small carnival with about five rides, a few games, and food. The food lines were prohibitively long, and most of the ride lines were pretty long, too. As with most carnivals, the merry-go-round had short lines, which is just fine with us -- our kids are still young enough to enjoy it.