Sunday, January 31, 2010

Lastest Apple Rumors

Less than a week after the introduction the long-rumored Apple iPad, new rumors swept through the tech community about the company's next big announcement. Expected before the 2010 holiday shopping season, it will not be a shiny new tech gadget, however. Unnamed sources close to the Cupertino, California company are saying there will be a broadening of their highly successful retail Apple Stores. Not content with merely selling loads of desktop and laptop computers, iPods, and now iPads, they desire increased exposure to the youth demographic.

All new Apple Stores -- and, eventually, most or all existing stores will be retro-fitted -- will now include a dance club. "Picture, if you will, the lighted disco floor of Saturday Night Fever, re-imagined by Jony Ive!" gushed Apple-focused blogger John Gruber. "No colors -- just white!"

Disco music, however, will not have any part in the new clubs. "Everyone knows Steve [Jobs, Apple CEO] is a fan of the Beatles and Bob Dylan. Not many are aware, though, that he absolutely adores Danny and the Juniors" said an Apple insider. The dance clubs will feature weekly 1950s-style teen dances.

So you can expect, some time in the fall, another of Jobs's famous announcements: "...and one more thing: the Apple iHop!"