Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Bike trailer

Around four years ago, we bought a used bike trailer (a Burley. Maybe this one; I'm not sure). It sat in the garage, gathering dust, until last night. We got it for Thomas; two little sisters later, and it finally saw the road. It's lucky we did it now, because Thomas is almost too big now to ride in it.

The tires were flat, of course, and we don't have the owner's manual. Still, it only took a little while to pump some air and figure out how to unfold the trailer, put on the wheels, and attach it to a bike. It seems like a really good design. The hitch in particular is ingenious.

The girls took the first ride while Thomas rode his own bike. Ava tired of it after a while (mostly the helmet, I suspect), so she went back home with Mommy, and I wedged Thomas in with Johanna. They fit, but there's not much room to spare.

I'm hoping to use it more than once every four years.


Joseph Thvedt said...

I flipped it over and read the fine print. It turns out to be a d'Lite model. Dumb name, but good news, since I'll probably be able to get the jogger kit.

Anonymous said...

Tami, I just happen to log this on in S.Padre Island. Good to hear about neighbors! Where's the picture?

Unknown said...

I used a Single wheel bike trailer for my 3 kids. It was still in excellent condition and I just was able to pass it on to a new home! So happy to have found someone who will enjoy it! bike cargo trailer