Monday, May 17, 2004

Brookings Marathon

As usual, we fielded a relay team for the newly-renamed Brookings Marathon, formerly known as the Longest Day Marathon. Race director Andy Stockholm, the Prairie Striders Running Club, and lots of volunteers made it a great event, despite the bad weather. It was a bit cool, which is great for running, but about the time my leg of the relay started, it rained. It wasn't really that bad while I ran, but once I stopped I was chilled to the bone.

Our team finished 3rd in the relay division. I think we were in first until the anchor leg (me). Two runners whizzed by me, and I'm pretty sure they were on the two top teams. I managed to pass about five marathoners.

The night before the race, Dick Beardsley spoke. Most famous for his duel with Salazar at Boston in 1982, he has led an interesting life. He had a short stay at SDSU here in Brookings. He finished fourth on Saturday.