Thursday, March 25, 2010

I, for one, welcome our new German laundry overlords

We replaced our aged washer & dryer yesterday. Our old units were getting less & less effective. The old washer used too much water and left too much of it in the clothes, and the dryer was really slow. The new ones use a fraction of the resources. It's especially amazing how little water gets used. It's also very quiet.

The new ones don't really have interior lights that color. I used a pair of remote flash units inside bounced off of some colored foam.


Kristopher said...

What are you using to trigger your flashes?

Joseph said...

I have two old Nikon SB-26 units (from eBay, naturally), which have built-in optical triggers. I had the on-board flash on my D50 set to manual 1/16 power, with a little thing-a-ma-jig that goes in the hot shoe and blocks virtually all of the visible light coming from the camera's flash. Thus the on-board flash doesn't affect the exposure, yet still triggers the SB-26 units. Shooting straight into glossy white paint and glass with on-board flash is a recipe for disaster. Actually, I'm not at all happy with how the outside of the washer/dryer is lit; I should have used at least one more flash off-camera, but I only have two.

I believe I had the SB-26s on 1/4 or 1/8 power. I started at 1/64 and went up until it looked like what I had in mind.

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